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There are many people who end up giving up stained glass for reasons such as "I'm interested in glass art and stained glass, but somehow I feel hesitant to talk to a professional" and "I don't know who to consult with."

Unfortunately, there is very little information about glass art and stained glass in Japan. However, if you make good use of stained glass, you can make your room even more wonderful.

Jiku Art Creation's glass art is highly recommended for those “I'm interested in glass art and stained glass” “I want to introduce original glass art and stained glass”.

While pursuing the expression of original beauty, we are aiming to become a bridge of creation for the next era by discovering the beauty of today and advancement that is one step ahead of the times.

Please see the products example page first.

We have received requests for glass art and stained glass from various areas from public facilities, private facilities, stations, churches, shrines and temples, hotels, and private residences nationwide.

There is also a showroom where you can experience the real texture and charm.

Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form.

 Jiku Art Creation has acquired and managed exclusive rights to copyright and trademark rights of Keiko Miura's works
Types of Building Installation Location Location Architect Company Year of Installation
Public Buildings Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan Ueno Park,Taito Ward,Tokyo Yasui Architects & Engineers,Inc. 1996
National Children's Castle Shibuya Ward,Tokyo YAMASHITA SEKKEI INC. 1985
BLD3 National General Children's Center,Hyogo Prefectural Government Chuo Ward,Kobe City Hyogo Prefectural Urban Dwelling Division 1990
Hospitals Shiga Medical Center for Children Moriyama City,Shiga NIHON SEKKEi,INC. 1987
Japanese Red Cross Nagoya Daiichi Hospital Nakamura Ward,Nagoya City YAMASHITA SEKKEI,INC. 2009
Saga Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Tosu Tosu City,Saga Nikken Sekkei Ltd. 2013
Saga Prefectural Hospital Koseikan Saga City,Saga Nikken Sekkei Ltd.,Mishima Architects Office 2013
Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital Okayama City,Okayama Takenaka Corporation 2015
Office Buildings Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Office Entrance Lobby Roppongi,Minato Ward,Tokyo Irie Miyake Architects&Engineers 2003
MORY INDUSTRIES INC.The Main Building Kawachinagano City,Osaka Nikken Sekkei Ltd. 1989
NIPPON KOA Insurance Inc. Nishi Ward,Osaka Nikken Sekkei Ltd. 1989
Matsushita IMP Building Chuo Ward,Osaka Nikken Sekkei Ltd. 1990
Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Building Chiyoda Ward,Tokyo Nikken Sekkei Ltd. 2003
Senri Hankyu Hotel IVY CHAPEL Toyonaka City,Osaka URABE SEKKEI Co.,Ltd. 1991
Senri Hankyu Hotel CRYSTAL CHAPEL Toyonaka City,Osaka URABE SEKKEI Co.,Ltd. 1994
Kyoto Hotel Okura Chuo Ward,Kyoto City URABE SEKKEI Co.,Ltd. 1994
Banks Bank of Japan Nagasaki Branch Rokasumachi,Nagasaki City Mitsubishi Estate Co,.Ltd. 1978
Mizuho Bank Head Office Chiyoda Ward,Tokyo SHIMIZU CORPORATION 1980
Bank Of Japan Hakodate Branch Hakodate City,Hokkaido Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd. 1988
School Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts Niijima Memorial Hall Kyotanabe City,Kyoto W.M.Vories&Company Architects Ichiryusha 1990
Doshisha Elementary School Sakyo Ward,Kyoto City Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates Co.,Ltd. 2005
Hyogo College of Medicine Hyogo University of Health Sciences Nishinomiya City,Hyogo Nikken Sekkei Ltd. 2006
Nigawa Gakuin Nishinomiya City,Hyogo SHIMIZU CORPORATION 2010
RISEISHA GAKUEN TOYONAKA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL,RISEISHA HIGH SCHOOL Toyonaka City,Osaka Nikken Sekkei Ltd.,Matsui Construction Co.,Ltd. 1995/2017
Churches Tokyo Union Church Shibuya Ward,Tokyo Nishimatsu Construction Co.,Ltd. 1980
United Church of Christ in Japan Ginza Church Chuo Ward,Tokyo Shin Building Drawing office Co.,ltd. 1982
Church of Christ in Japan Osaka Kita Church Kita Ward,Osaka City kimura Construction Design Co.,Ltd. 2006
United Church of Christ in Japan Omiya Church Omiya Ward,Saitama City,Saitama OOKAYAMA ARCHITECTS AND ASSOCIATES 2015
Shrines and Temples Daihonzan Nakayama Temple Daiganto Takarazuka City,Hyogo MIKI Architects&Engineers Inc. 2009
Jigen Temple Jiunkaku Niihama City,Ehime KUMAGAI GUMI CO.,LTD. 2006
Other Nakaniida Bach Hall Nakaniidamachi,Kami Country Miyagi The Architects Isamu Yoshida and Arc・Hi 1980
Suntory Hall Minato Ward,Tokyo Yasui Architects&Engineers,Inc. 1986
Takarazuka Municipal Cultural Facilities Vega Hall Takarazuka city,Hyogo Takarazuka City Hall Urban Planning Division 1987
Wakayama Prefectural Library Nishitakamatsu,Wakayama City Yasui Architects&Engineers,Inc. 1993
Nagano Sports Park(Nagano Olympic Stadium)Public Swimming Pool Aqua Wing Yoshida,Nagano City YAMASHITA SEKKEI,INC. 1997
Kobe Motomachi Shopping Arcade ChuoWard,Kobe City KAWASAKI KOWKI 2000
Tottori Prefectural Budokan Yonago City,Tottori URABE SEKKEI Co.,Ltd. 2000
Kitano Glass Kan Chuo Ward,Kobe City KAN THE ATELIER OF ARCHITECT 2004
Residence(tea-ceremony room) Higashinada Ward,Kobe City TOSHIHITO YOKOUCHI ARCHITECT&ASSOCIATES 2016