Glass story to know one step beyond Luxury stained glass: “Roclair”

Luxury stained glass: “Roclair”

“Roclair” is a technique developed by glass artist Keiko Miura, who is also President of the Japan Stained Glass Artist’s Association. “Roclair” means “rock of shining light”

Her works are installed in domestic and foreign buildings such as Tokyo National Museum, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Building and so on. “Roclair” brightens each place by adding its unique colors.

Stained glass light is God and love

When you hear stained glass, you may think of a colorful glass depicting Christ and the Virgin Mary.Stained glass was used a lot in medieval Christian churches because the literacy rate was low, and by using stained glass to make Bible stories into pictures, the Bible contents were conveyed in an easy-to-understand way to people who cannot read.The light of the sun through the stained glass and the light falling through the artistic glass would have reminded people of God's advent and glory.

“Roclair” for expressing the essence of light in modern architecture

Dynamic but heart-warming light.

Among the stained glass, Miura's glass art, which has established a unique technique called “Roclair”, is distinct from the stained glass you often see.By cutting handmade thick glass with a hammer, light that is warm and sharp is produced, and the texture of light is expressed.Works with dynamic light and shadow expressions are also installed in public places such as churches and facilities in Japan and overseas.Art has the power to convey and connect people beyond language.

Introduction of skilled artisan

glass artist Keiko Miura

Currently President of the Japan Stained Glass Artist’s Association.After graduating from Doshisha Women's University, studied at Lyn C. Hovey at Harvard Art School to learn about stained glass.Established a unique light expression method "Loclair" using dull glass and epoxy resin.Received many awards such as Kansai Art Grand Prix.

Representative work of architectural glass artist Keiko Miura

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Building

Expressing true love by concentrating time and space in the presence of transparent glass, weight and continuous circles

Kyoto Okura Hotel

With the Tale of Genji as a motif, the Heian Dynasty story is vividly unfolded. Beautifully and attractively expressing Murasakinoue who lived in conflict with the times and society.

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