Skilled artisan and the history of Jiku Art Creation Co., Ltd.

三浦啓子 Keiko Miura
Jiku Art Creation accepts orders and production of highly-designed stained glass and glass art.The main feature is the original and unique technique called “Roclair” inherited from glass artist Keiko Miura.“Roclair” is a coined word that combines “rock” and “clear”, which was developed and established by Keiko Miura. Based on the solid techniques, achievements and experience inherited from Keiko Miura, we have various proven records from medical facilities, shrines and temples, churches, private facilities to private residences.Jiku Art Creation uses glass made in Japan or glass made in-house.
 Jiku Art Creation has acquired and managed exclusive rights to copyright and trademark rights of Keiko Miura's works

Artist / Career

Artisan profile

三浦啓子 Keiko Miura

Keiko Miura

The developer of the new method "Loclair" using dull glass and epoxy resin. She has worked on many art pieces that decorate buildings both in Japan and overseas, for example, works for Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Building and Tokyo National Museum.


  • 1958: Graduated from Doshisha Women's University
  • 1968: Studied stained glass with Lyn. C. Hovey at Harvard Art School in the United States.
  • 1972: Established “Roclair”. Developed original light expression with dull glass and epoxy resin
  • 1978: Presented at the 8th World Craft Conference. Won the 1992 Kansai Art Grand Prix
  • 1997: Lectured at the Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA).
  • 2000: Lectured at Claremont, California
  • 2003: Lectured at Roppongi Hills completion symposium
  • 2004: Exhibition held in Seattle Pomona, USA
  • 2006: Exhibition at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art Harada no Mori Gallery
  • 2008: Won the Hyogo Prefecture Cultural Merit Award.Received the Kobe City Culture Award.Received the Wakayama Prefecture Culture Award.
    To date, she has exhibited works in the world and all over Japan. President of the Stained Glass Association of Japan.

Production method called “Roclair”

What is “Roclair”

“Roclair” is a coined word that combines “rock” and “clear”, meaning “shining rocks of light”, and is a term that represents technology in general.  
“Roclair” is a unique technique in which a 2.5cm thick dull glass is boldly cut like a sculpture with a hammer and joined with an epoxy resin, which expresses light and shadow dynamically by the contrast of the brightness of the glass and the black of the epoxy resin.Since each piece of glass is handmade by cutting with a hammer, it has its own shape and expression, which creates light that combines warmth and sharpness.  
Furthermore, thanks to strenuous research on the adhesion between glass and epoxy resin, by molecularly bonding glass and resin, excellent bonding performance resistant to temperature changes, ultra-violet rays, and water, etc. has been achieved.  
  • 1. Original design
    • Draw a design image of the work to be produced.
  • 2. Production of sketch
    • Draw a full-scale sketch based on the original design.
  • 3. Glass cut
    • In order to express a simple, sharp and powerful light, a glass with a thickness of about 2.5cm is cut like a sculpture with a hammer. At this time, one of the features of “Roclair”, a shell cut (shell shape) with beautiful reflection of light is generated.
  • 4. Positioning
    • Place the cut glasses based on the picture.
  • 5. Sand filling
    • Once the composition is determined, put sand in the gap and prepare for fixing.
  • 6. Resin bonding
    • Embed specially formulated resin and bond glasses.
  • 7. Polishing works
    • o After the resin is cured, polish the entire surface. Each cut glass is carefully polished by hand. This finish restores the glass to its original strength and makes it even more brilliant.
  • 8. Construction
    • The work will be installed by the constructor.
  • 9. Complete
ロクレール01 / デザインの原画
ロクレール04 / 施工
ロクレール02 / 施工
ロクレール05 / 施工
ロクレール03 / 施工
ロクレール06 / 完成

Jiku Art Creation uses glass made in Japan or glass made in-house.

Copyright and trademark rights

 Jiku Art Creation has acquired and managed exclusive rights to copyright and trademark rights of Keiko Miura's works