For an application

STEP1: Contact

Please contact us by phone / email or contact form.

STEP2: Meeting

We will ask you for details such as your request, size, installation location, and budget, and we will propose a completed image.
*We will propose a rough image for design confirmation and decide on a completed image.
*In order to determine the size of the work, please submit a design drawing (copy) of the installation location.
*Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the installation of the work. In addition, we will give you an estimate including proposals for lighting.
*Production days vary depending on design, specifications, and size.
*In addition, due to the nature of glass and resin, it will take time to fully dry the work. We will put in some leeway in our schedule.

STEP3: Create design specifications / estimate

The final design drawings, specifications, and quotation will be created based on the details determined in the meeting.
*Design, specifications, etc. cannot be changed once production begins, so please check the contents carefully.
*Please notify us promptly if a design change occurs.

STEP4: Contract

After confirming the contents, we will make a contract.
*Once the details have been decided, we will have a meeting regarding the payment method, delivery time, delivery location, etc.
*For payment, please pay at least 30% of the production amount within one week after contract.

STEP5: Start production

The work will be produced carefully and wholeheartedly by skilled artisan.

STEP6: Completion

Completion of the work
*We will notify you by phone / email when the work is completed.

STEP7: Delivery

Delivered to the delivery location at the time of contract.
*For customers who wanted us to install the work at the time of contract, installation and construction will be performed.
*Pay the balance of the production amount within one week after delivery.