Our homepage has been renewed.

Our homepage has been renewed.

Jiku Art Creation Co., Ltd. has renewed its homepage.

Homepage address

There are three renewal points.
①In order to cover past results and examples as much as possible on CASES pages, we have made it contain highly informative pages.

We are aiming for pages that are easy to convey and image to customers who are considering introducing stained glass and glass art. When you click on Application, it will be displayed by category (public, school, church, shrine and temple).


②It has become a page that continues to convey the charm of the stained glass art on the homepage, like the works of Jiku Art Creation which refines the inherited technology and grows day by day.



③ Make all menu buttons for both PC and smartphone versions. It has become easier to access various contents.



We will continue to make the website even more satisfying in the future, so thank you for your continued support.



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