2019.8.5 (Mon) Flow of Production

2019.8.5 (Mon) Flow of Production

The heat wave continues this summer. In the studio, we are working towards the completion of the work.


The original and unique technique “Roclair”. “Roclair” is a coined word that combines “rock” and “clear” developed and established by glass artist Keiko Miura.


design picture of the work to be produced, and draw a full-scale sketch based on the design picture (original picture).


Next, cut the glass based on the original.




In order to express a simple, sharp and powerful light, a 25-30mm thick dull glass is boldly cut like a sculpture with a hammer. At this time, one of the features of “Roclair”, a shell cut (shell shape) with beautiful reflection of light is born.


Next, glass and glass are bonded with resin.


The brightness of the glass and the black of the epoxy resin dynamically express light and shadow.


We will polish the glass carefully for finishing.



After the resin is cured, the entire surface is polished. Each cut glass is carefully polished by hand. This finish restores the glass to its original strength and makes it even more brilliant.



This work was exhibited in July at the “Architecture Glass Art Exhibition” held at Pierce Gallery.



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